What furnace features should I look for in a new Furnace?

When purchasing a new furnace there are several questions you should ask. Unlike
furnaces of the past, furnaces today come with many options. Make sure to ask our staff
the following questions to make sure you are receiving the furnace model that suits your
budget and comfort level.


Furnaces come in a variety of efficiency’s, make sure you ask which furnace will provide
you with the comfort and savings that you require.

Motor Speeds

Your furnace’s blower motor is the most common sound you hear when your furnace is
running. It’s the element that pushes warm air throughout your home. Older furnaces have
single or dual speed motors. A Variable-Speed motor spins at different rates, in response to
the heating requirements of your home. They are much quieter and energy efficient than
other units.


Single stage furnace burners simply turn on and run on full power until the temperature you
requested has been reached. A two stage furnace has a high and low setting, which
enables it to run on a low flame first and, if more heat is required, boost to a higher setting
for more heat. This feature distributes the heat more evenly throughout your home giving
you a higher comfort level.
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Basic Furnace Maintenance

Like anything mechanical, your furnace requires regular maintenance in order to ensure
that it is operating safely and efficiently.  Thankfully, your furnace is designed to operate
trouble-free and for long periods of time with minimal oversight.

However, your furnace should undergo basic maintenance at least once per year.  Many
manufacturers specify that the warranty is void unless the furnace has been properly
maintained.  By maintaining your furnace properly you will keep your utility bills low and
significantly extend the working life of your furnace.  Just like with your car, performing
regular preventative maintenance will help you enjoy many years of problem-free
Annual maintenance should include:

? Checking the vent system for clogs, blockages, holes, or leaks
? Checking the heat exchanger for rust, dents, and other signs of damage.
? Checking the burners to ensure proper operation in accordance with the furnace specifications.
? Check wiring/switches for proper function, signs of damage, etc.
? Filters need to be checked/replaced - Note that it is wise to check your furnace filter quarterly to ensure that it is not clogged.  A clogged filter
greatly reduces the efficiency of the furnace in addition to no longer filtering particulates from the air supply.

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